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New Hampshire Regimental Books

New Hampshire Regimental Books


The 11th OVC has partnered with the Research Arsenal to help preserve history with the goal of digitizing the regimental archives in RG94 of the National Archives (NARA). By purchasing the digital scans of a regiment, you are helping us accomplish that goal. 

Once you select the regimental records that you would like, that specific regiment will then be put into the queue for our staff to scan and ditigize everything that the NARA has for that specific regiment/call number. Within 2 weeks, we will have digitized the ledgers and documents you requested, and provide you with high resolution digital copies. 


Click the drop down below to select which regiment or regiments you would like us to scan for you. Your support and sponsorship will allow us to digitize and preserve history, one ledger at a time! 

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